We are egg-etarians

Eggs want to belong neither to the non-vegetarian nor the vegetarian category. They are a category in themselves. Some even call themselves egg-etarians and I’m one of them. A day without an apple or a huge cup of milk can be excused but without eggs our family just can’t do. Amma believes boiled eggs in the morning and fired eggs in the evening is the correct way to eat eggs. She simply ignores the people who say that we should have only one egg a day.

Every person will acknowledge the fact that at every stage of their life they had different relationships with eggs. Amma gave me only the white when I was a child. It took me four years to figure out that eggs had yellow in them. After that discovery, I developed hatred towards the white and decided that I’ll eat only the yolk for the rest of my life. This decision lasted until I had an omelette.

Eggs are rescuers. If you’re running out of vegetables — make scrambled eggs with pepper and salt to go with rice, chapathis and everything else. If you can’t find cough syrup, add an abundance of pepper to a soft boiled egg to warm your throats. If you’re running out of recipes, make egg curry. Add some cheese to your omelette and subside the cravings.

Idli, sambar, chutney is incomplete. Idli, sambar, mutta and chutney is the combo. People who’ve never tasted fried eggs along with South Indian breakfast must give it a try. Cook the eggs in coconut oil for the ones who think eggs stink and cook them in sesame oil if you’re having it with dosa.

My grandparents never understand why I order eggs in hotels. “You eat it all day and every day. Have something that you can’t have at home” my granny says. But eggs made in those huge black steaming tawa have a taste of their own and the white of their bull’s eye never seems to be jelly. While having parathas with country chicken, make sure to save a fried egg for the last bite. If your mouth is big enough, fold the egg delicately and let it collapse in your mouth. If not eat the white around and release the yellow in your mouth.

After coming to Bangalore, I joined a vegetarian hostel. They served a boiled egg on Sunday nights but I don’t eat boiled eggs at nights. They are meant to be eaten in the morning. So I wandered around the area and tasted all the omelettes and was upset to know that none of them used pepper but paprika in their omelettes. I settled on the cart wheel that was right opposite to the hostel and bought him Sakthi Pepper powder from home. Every day I had a complaint: less salt, more pepper, not fluffy, very oily, and so on. One day when he got fed up, he let me make my own omelette and was shocked to find me happy. So from then this egg-etarian also found her way to make fried eggs and omelettes whenever she wanted.

Featured image credits: Tom Milewski via Flickr

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