FluffyNut hosts pet adoption drive

FluffyNut, the Indie Guardians trust hosted its 2ndpet adoption drive at The Hub, Infantry Road. Animal owners or stray spotters could bring their canines and felines with the hope of finding them a home.

Arundathi Somaiah, a trustee revealed that FluffyNut began in 2016, with the intention of finding foster homes for her friend’s pups suffering from cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS). Presently working from their homes, 5 trustees seek to facilitate adoptions by networking with foster parents across Bangalore.

Dr Akshay, who has neutered over 50,000 dogs advocated for Animal Birth Control (ABC) of street dogs. The programme aimed to control the population of the Indie dogs by the surgical removal of reproductive organs to prevent breeding. He acknowledged that it was a utopian dream where he wishes that “there will be no Indie dogs on the roads as all of them would have finally found homes”

Canines lounging at the FluffyNut adoption drive

A registration of 20 rupees went directly into the donation box, placed by the food, merchandise and game stalls. A game called “Hoop the snacks” attracted much attention as pet owners tried to girdle small packets of chips and dog food. A volunteer who carried around a tray of chocolate lava cake returned to her stall with a wad of 20 rupee notes and an empty tray which had contributions for the venture.

Hemanth, a video game developer brought two dogs named Mark and Skid respectively. He had rescued them from an area where canine distemper was prevalent and decided to vaccinate them and put them up for adoption.

When asked about the effectiveness of such adoption drives, he responded “Most of the people who come and take the dogs aren’t entirely sure if they can handle a new addition to the family and most of the time people return the animal. But nevertheless, sometimes they do end up keeping the animal and it’s great when that happens”. He further indicated that adoption drives were a great idea as it allowed people to put up perfectly healthy animals for adoption, increasing the chances of them finding a home.

Dr Akshay delivers a talk on the neutering of Indie dogs

The iterant group “Unsung people” performed various pop numbers in tribute to FluffyNut such as ‘Soul sister’ by Train and ‘Riptide’ by Vance Joy. The group also identified community heroes and covered stories of kindness to celebrate humaneness in humanity. “On weekends we try to put smiles on some faces and we hope to see Bangaloreans give back to society,” said the lead singer.

By evening, ten Indie pups and kittens had found foster homes. Prior to parting, Dr Akshay encouraged every person to adopt at least one Indie dog. He advised the audience that Indies were the best breed once vaccinated and neutered, as they were immune to most diseases.



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