The art of living-things

Eighteen unique paintings are currently being displayed at the Alliance Francaise as part of the ‘Young Talent Program’. The exhibition, called Inhuman, displays surrealistic visions of Deepak K, who creates a world where animals and humans not only live in peace, but combine to form new beings.

“When I shut my eyes, my imagination creates another world with different animals. In this world, all animals and humans are equal, and sometimes fuse to become one being. My paintings are recreations of this world,” says Deepak. The 27 year old artist, who has a physical disability, has finished a five year visual art course at Kala Mandira and a two year painting course at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath.              


The exhibition shows his abstract paintings made with acrylic paints, through which he also tries to display emotions of joy and pain to the audience.

“The journey started for me when I began to observe street dogs in front of my house. They were the first of my inspirations that led to my current form of art,” says the artist, whose paintings always narrate a very emotional story. This idea obtains its inspiration from the works of Hieronymus Bosch who is known for his imaginative illustrations of moral and religious narratives. The artist also watches cartoons and takes long walks in his free time, in search of inspiration.

The paintings are not only interesting but have also attracted lot of attention. “The uniqueness of the paintings gives them their beauty. The strokes are very distinctive and the different shades of paint fade into each other, which I find alluring,” says Vijey Sharen, a third year BCom student.


Deepak has visited Alliance Francaise every second day since the exhibition began, so as to get feedback. “There is barely anyone there when I go to check the comments book, but the book is always full of comments. Many people think my paintings are beautiful and some have even asked me to change the medium I work with,” says Deepak who is also attempting to find a job as an art teacher.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated on the 3rd of June, will go on till the 23rd.

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