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Philip Victor
Street dogs in Bangalore Image Credits: Philip Victor
Street dogs in Bangalore Image Credits: Philip Victor


When we find adorable looking dogs we go pet them, but how many of us make time for those street dogs that lay unattended, injured or famished on the streets? There are many who feel that street dogs deserve the same amount of care and attention and provide them with the basic needs which they deserve.

“One day I found a dog lying injured under a car, I gave him some biscuits. From that day onwards it came on the same spot regularly, so I started providing food to him regularly. Then slowly more dogs started coming to that spot, so then I decided to make food in bulk for them and used to take it to feed them,” says 51 years old entrepreneur Rashmi Loomba who has been taking care of street dogs for over nine years.

Rashmi has acquired permit from Animal Welfare Board of India for the sole purpose of feeding street dogs. “I feel that these Indian dogs are neglected and nobody adopts them while everyone wants to adopt foreign breed dogs and they chase away street dogs, though they are equally loving and sturdy. The dogs I have at home or those, whom I feed on the streets, are all like family members for us now. I make rice and chicken twice a day and feed them biscuits occasionally. They don’t even demand special attention or you don’t have to feed them pedigree, all they need is a little share of our time and they will always love you back,” says Rashmi.

Like Rashmi there are many who try helping as many street dogs as possible. “When I first saw my husband caring for street dogs, I used to get very scared, slowly I realised they don’t get any food, who will feed them? I slowly started giving them food. I have four abandoned street dogs at home now, and have been feeding street dogs for over forty years now. Everyone in my family is dedicated to taking care of street dogs,” says 65 years old Sujata Roy.

“I started small, and then I got more exposure with feeding and taking care of street dogs. Mostly many of them get maggots and they have no place of shelter. I have seen such cases where maggots have eaten them and they die due to lack of proper care. Even if they get a little bit injured and don’t get help on time, maggots eat them. Something can be done by everyone, if they can’t do anything they shouldn’t be stopping people also. We have been given threats and people have complained about me and my family because we help and feed dogs. I am not saying we feed all the dogs of Bangalore, but we can try as much as possible,” says Sujata while talking about her experience of taking care of street dogs.

Sometimes all it takes is to talk about taking care of street dogs, just to spread awareness so that people realise that they are not a menace, they exist like we do. “It really makes me happy to help out street dogs. All the dogs I have adopted have fully grown up now. it’s really important for me to gain the trust from the dogs, all it takes is to just feed them and give them a good place to stay and they trust and love you,” says 26 years old Adrian Sundaram who takes care of several street dogs at his home.

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