Learning news the quiz way

With 22 teams participating in the Open Quiz Foreign Affairs, Loyola Hall was comfortably full during the 25-question-long preliminary round.

The questions were from a mixture of present day and history related ideas. The hall was abuzz with murmurs about Columbus, emperors, and other questions pulled out of the air by the quiz master, Prof. Mani.

A participant in the preliminary round, Sneha Haridas, ruefully shared a problem faced by quizzers, though she placed a lot of value on the fun and learning to be had at any quiz. “At quizzes, you don’t lose out on anything. You can always learn something new, and smack your teammate on the head for not having trusted your answers (which turn out to be correct)”.

The 8 highest scoring teams went on to the next 5 rounds of the finals. The first written round was quickly completed. The anti-clockwise and clockwise rounds each had 10 questions. These questions were real brain-teasers, and left the few people in the audience quite confused. One finalist congratulated Prof Mani saying, “Superb quiz”!

The enthusiasm of the finalists and their quick-thinking was impressive. The short List-It round was about the 6 countries that form the Gulf Cooperation Council. The conclusion to the quiz was more visual, with questions based on six vivid Google Doodles related to international events from the past few years.

By the end of the quiz, the win for Nishanth Raman and Rajath Krishna was clear. In second place came Maitrey Deshapande and Rahul Jadhav, with Mitesh Agarwal and Navin Rajaram in third. The two-hour long event was definitely something to attend to brush up on international affairs.

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