The Inauguration of Meta 2017

Nayna George sneaks into the Loyola Hall and finds that the META 2017 flag has been hoisted.

The fifth installation of Meta- the Josephite Festival of Literature was inaugurated on the 10th of February. The festival was inaugurated by Dr. Cheriyan Alexander, head of the English department, Dr. Etienne Rassendren and Dr. Mini Mark Bonjour.

Meta will be held from the 10th to the 22nd of February, with the theme Over the Top.
In his inaugural speech, Dr. Cheriyan Alexander welcomed the audience to an all new Meta. With the success of Meta over the years, he remarked that he was “glad to see Meta growing in strength year to year”, especially so since it celebrates creativity.

He also said, when speaking about what is so special about the festival: “From the middle of things, we attempt some kind of transcendence, into realms beyond our everyday.

Our theme this year means that there is relevance for all kinds of hyperbolic gymnastics in literature and the arts, and going Over the Top is OK, every once in a while, if you let artistic creativity and literary skill really flourish.”
What Dr. Cheriyan is looking forward to over the next twelve days of the festival is the emergence of the new talent among all students, he says. “I hope to hear things such as ‘I didn’t know you could do that’, or ‘You never told me you were good at this’ over the course of the festival.”
After his address; the dignitaries, Prof Vijeta from the English department, and Drishti from the Joseph’s literary society, lit the lamp. After this, Dr. Etienne addressed the audience.
He compared Meta, a ‘little fest’ to ‘little magazine’ that he was part of in his youth. The little magazine offered competition to the bigger commercial magazines.

He said, “Our Meta is more about meeting people, and sharing literature, than it is about fanfare. This is unlike the big commercial literature fests that are held in our country, and across the world.”

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