Crenaia, the Nymph of the Dargle, 1880 by Frederic Leighton

Talking bodies

You can tell a lot from the way people walk into train compartments, little travelling rooms that go underground and then way above. The Metro station. The platform at Majestic is just queues of people in a hurry and people who can’t move fast enough but want to. The front of the platform, reserved for women, has shorter queues. Women with shopping bags and laptop bags and earphones and backpacks tap their feet and yawn.

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Black Magicking Ragi Muddes

It all began when we were served Ragi mudde for lunch at my aunt’s place during Dasara. Even though my family was not a fan of mudde, some of us ate it without questioning. We were told we could have rice after eating the mudde. But my grandfather who was hesitant to eat the mudde, picked the smallest piece possible, dipped it into the curry repeatedly as if he was demanding the curry to mask the mudde.

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